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Power Procurement

Today's energy markets face unprecedented opportunities and challenges.  With an ever-increasing demand to reduce energy costs, utilities and regulators have fundamentally restructured a historically monolithic energy industry.  Changes in both Federal and State regulation have created challenges in the long-term security of power supplies, price stability, and predictability.  An abundance of low cost natural gas has completely changed the dynamics of electricity production in the US. Not only have traditional forms of energy pricing undergone reform, but many utilities throughout the US have created new businesses and business relationships as a means to more effectively adapt to the changing markets.

As a result consumers and producers now enjoy substantial opportunities to manage their energy costs.  Many companies find that by adopting aggressive approaches to energy management they can reduce their energy costs by:

  • Acquiring energy supplies through open market sources,
  • Renegotiating current supply contracts,
  • Seeking alternate energy supplies,
  • Implementation of energy efficiency measures,
  • Deployment of district central plant services,
  • Using the option of self generation as negotiating leverage,
  • Developing partnership arrangements, or
  • Positioning for new options in a restructured regulatory market.

McGeown Associates LLC helps reduce the costs for energy through smart procurement practices.

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