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Making Energy Savings Work for You

Energy bills are an often overlooked source of waste that can be redirected into building improvements, or more cash in your pocket.  Energy efficiency - the energy you don't use -  is the cheapest form of energy and has a great return on investment, but it is still a difficult sell to consumers. 

MCGA specializes in making efficient use of energy a part of 'business as usual'.  We are experts in working with government and local businesses to develop energy efficiency markets.

Energy efficiency investments rarely make it to the top of a business, or home owner's, priority list. Lack of awareness and economic realities create barriers to lowering energy bills.  Too often people cannot afford energy efficiency and pay more in the long run through the utility bill.  Equipment purchases tend to be driven by lowest price, not long term cost, and older less efficient equipment remains in use.  We help educate consumers and business that serve them that there is a better way - replacing old inefficient equipment with new can pay for itself in energy savings.

Finding the funds to pay for energy efficiency improvements is usually the biggest problem.  MCGA has international recognition as a leader in developing financial tools to create energy savings for consumers AT NO UP FRONT COST.  Projects are paid for over time from savings in lower energy bills.  This is known as Energy Savings Performance Contracting (ESPC).


An ESPC is a “design-build” contract with some highly tailored specializations. In this innovative financing tool an Energy Services Company (ESCO) will design and implement energy efficiency improvements for a customer at no up front cost to the customer, and help the customer take a loan to pay for the project. The ESCO guarantees that the improvements will generate sufficient energy cost savings for the customer to repay for the project loan. After the loan is repaid, the customer gets all the cost savings.

MCGA has a proven track record helping government to establish ESPC programs and persuading local financing institutions to make green loans for energy efficiency.  We have helped the US Army award over $80M in ESPC projects.  In Puerto Rico, Belize, and the USVI we have helped to set up the programs, create the contracts, and select providers to do the work.  Our efforts have eliminated steam leaks, improved boiler operations, automated temperature controls, enhanced lighting, added solar electricity, heated pools with solar, changed roofs, transformed the learning environment in schools, made hospitals healthier, and even cooled dining facilities using solar.

In all of these programs we have focused on improving the local economy.  Savings from energy that would have gone to fuel suppliers is redirected into jobs and lower taxes.

Typical savings seen in MCGA projects range from 5% for a little effort to as much as 40% in older buildings.

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