McGeown Associates LLC


Project Development
McGeown Associates applies expertise and business acumen to finding, evaluating, and developing projects with great returns for our clients.  We have a particular specialization in sustainable development, blending renewable power with conventional resources, smart grids, and energy storage.  Working with the U.S. Army we have developed expertise in power plant development on government land, leveraging innovative financing and government authorities to make land available for development.  Our support for clean energy financing has helped governments create innovative programs to improve energy efficiency in buildings and increase use of renewable energy.  We have been instrumental in the development of Utility and Energy Savings Performance Contracts to improve infrastructure and reduce energy costs.

We are particularly proud of our efforts in the Caribbean that are encouraging new business models for utilities to ensure secure access to reliable sources of clean energy that are affordable for all citizens.  This expands the traditional utility role into helping customers enhance quality of life through electricity.
Recent Project Development Experience

The MCGA team has expertise in all elements of the process to define the characteristics and manage risks associated project development with these elements:


  • Renewable energy
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Technology – commercial capability to convert r renewable resources into power
  • Power sales – Offtake agreements, incentives, market pricing
  • 10 USC § 2922a Power Purchase Agreements
  • FAR Part 41 Acquisition of Utility Services
  • Energy Savings Performance Contracts
  • Utility regulations – interconnections, market transactions, FERC, ISOs
  • Permitting – NEPA, CPCN
  • Economics – evaluation of the project’s ability to generate income for a reasonable return
  • Financing – making a project bankable


Recent Projects:

NREL - Clean Energy Solutions Center

OLADE - Belize Institutional Framework for Energy Efficiency

Organization of American States

  • Towards the Intensification of Energy Efficient Efforts In Government, Businesses, and Households in Belize


Virgin Islands Water and Power Authority

  • Create and implement VIenergize Services


US Army Energy Programs:

  • Office of Energy Initiatives
  • Aberdeen Proving Ground
  • Fort Bliss
  • Fort Irwin



  • Federal Energy Management Program
  • Transformational Energy Action Management (TEAM)
  • Puerto Rico Energy Affairs Administration
  • Energy Development for Island Nations