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The countdown to 100x50 has started.   There is a lot to be done and no time to waste if we are to build a 100% clean energy economy by 2050. Urgent action is required to address the global climate challenge. We must be faithful stewards to protect this planet for future generations.  The USA has the ingenuity, talent, and workforce to lead a global 21st century clean economy.  Not only does it makes sense for the health of planet, it is good for our workforce and the economy.

McGeown Associates fully supports the Biden Plan for an Equitable Clean Energy Future 

The Clean Energy For Biden team policy recommendations for the new administration can be found at

President elect Biden's plan to Build Back Better will reestablish the United States of America as a global leader in Clean Energy.  American ingenuity will be harnessed to achieve a 100% Clean Energy Economy and Net Zero Emission by 2050.  It is a bold plan that will ensure the USA is powered by our own resources, no longer dependent on foreign oil supplies. Implementing the plan will create thousands of American jobs in renewable energy, storage, micro grids, storage, and in 'the other renewable energy' - energy efficiency.

The Clean Energy Plan will accelerate the fundamental reshaping that is already occurring in energy sector though wind and solar.  We are on the cusp of developing long term energy storage technology that will overcome reliability concerns for renewable energy. America has too often invented breakthrough technology, only to lose the commercialization battle.  That must stop.  We can leverage the brilliance of our National Laboratories, our innovators, and our financial community to deliver the promise of affordable clean energy for all. 

Our great cities will lead the energy revolution.  The momentum has already moved to the State and local communities who are leading by example.

In this administration we can  BUILD A STRONGER MORE, RESILIENT NATION

Let's get to work!