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McGeown Associates & Belize Utility Transformation

In cooperation with the Organization of American States, the Energy and Climate Partnership of the Americas, and Sustainable Energy Capacity Building Initiative (Caribbean Region), McGeown Associates helped Belize Energy Services develop policies and strategies to leverage local resources, overcome local barriers and lay the framework for a regional implementation of an Integrated Utility Model for a Sustainable Future.

McGeown Associates: Energy Resilience for Future Generations

McGeown Associates LLC. is a Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB) specializing in development of 21st century resilient energy systems that combine conventional generation, smart grids, storage, and renewable energy.

Our mission is to support governments to design and implement Resilient Energy strategies that ensure citizens have access to reliable energy resources that are clean, safe, and affordable 24x7.

MCGA's core principles are embedded in our tagline 'Stewardship and Integrity'.  We believe that we have an absolute obligation to use the planet's resources wisely for future generations. We also live by standards of integrity to serve our clients with unquestioned honest and impartial advice.
business that provides strategic and 
tactical support to governments and 
utilities for a wide range of energy and 
facility issues.

Michael McGhee and Army Resiliency

Over the past five years, the Army has been busily building renewable power facilities on its bases in order to reach an overall goal of 1 gigawatt of renewable energy by 2025. But now, the Army is putting more of an emphasis on using that energy to make its bases entirely self-sufficient from the public electric grid, so they can continue to function in the event of an outage. Michael McGhee, executive director of the Army Office of Energy Initiatives, talked with Federal News Radio’s Jared Serbu on Federal Drive with Tom Temin about the technologies the Army’s pursuing to make that a reality.

McGeown Associates & the U.S. Army

McGeown Associates is helping the Army Office of Energy Initiatives strengthen energy resilience on Army installations. 

Working as a senior utility advisor, MCGA is part of the contract support team headed by Value Recovery Holdings Inc.  MCGA is a principal author of the Army's resilient energy strategy.

MCGA is especially focused on working with the utility industry to blend conventional generation with smart grids, renewables, and energy storage to create resilient communities around our military installations.  The Army has already added over 180 MW (megawatts) of energy security projects with renewable generation on Army land and continues to grow its pipeline with natural gas, renewables, microgrids and storage.

McGeown Associates & OLADE

The Latin-American Energy Organization (OLADE) is an international public entity that fosters integration, sustainable development, and energy security in Latin American and the Caribbean.  Its fundamental purpose is integration, protection, conservation, defense and rational use of energy resources of the Region. 

McGeown Associates worked with OLADE and Belizean teams to assess the state of the energy sector and provide recommendations for an institutional framework that will facilitate development of clean energy resources in Belize.  This included:

  • Analyzing the state and progress of recent developments pertaining to energy sector regulations in Belize, 
  • Validating the current existing international framework for energy efficiency in Belize,
  • Providing a preliminary Validation Report of all findings,
  • Conducting a National Workshop to share/discuss Validation Report findings with authorities of energy section and representatives of public and private institutions,
  • Issuing a final Validation Report which utilizes National Workshop feedback and outlines OLADE'S engagement and support to the development and implementation of a framework for energy efficiency in Belize, and
  • At all times being supportive to local staff in Belize.
It was an honor for McGeown Associates LLC to have had this privilege of working with both OLADE and the wonderful country of Belize.

McGeown Associates & the Clean Energy Solutions Center

NREL's, (the National Renewable Energy Laboratory), Clean Energy Solutions Center helps governments design and adopt policies and programs that support the deployment of clean energy technologies. 

McGeown Associates has joined the Clean Energy Solutions Center Policy Expert Team for Energy Access Policy and Finance.  This no-cost service is available to most government representatives and technical institutes assisting them.  CESC will contact you within two business days of your inquiry . If your request qualifies for assistance, you will be matched with the Solutions Center expert most qualified to help you, and you will begin receiving policy assistance via phone or email consultations.

McGeown Associates & The US Department of Energy

McGeown has been providing strategic advice to the US Department of Energy since the fall of 2008, when Assistant Secretary Andy Karsner asked him to provide support to Secretary of Energy Bodman's Transformational Energy Action Management (TEAM) Initiative, a Department-wide effort aimed at leading the Federal government by reducing energy intensity across the nationwide DOE complex by 30 percent.  McGeown led many of the business development activities to attract the private sector to finance projects at DoE sites.  Subsequently McGeown has continued to advise senior leaders on the opportunities created by technology advancements and new energy sector business models as deployment of distributed generation, smart grids and 'the internet of everything' fundamentally transform the electric utility industry.  MCGA has been instrumental is shaping great deals for the government to reduce costs and improve quality acting as liaison and translator between the government and the private sector.  Too often good opportunities wasted due to an inability to understand each party's needs in a deal. 

An offshoot of the DoE work has resulted in resilient energy strategies in the Caribbean stemming from AS Karners' initiation of the Energy Development for Island Nations program.  Pilot work in the US Virgin Islands has been further developed with US funding from Insular Affairs and the Organization of American States to become policy adopted by the Caribbean Community (CARICOM).

McGeown Associates & The Government of Belize

McGeown Associates at the White House GreenGov Energy Conference

David got a chance to ask Secretary of the Navy, Ray Mabus about the state of energy security on Navy bases throughout the country.

McGeown Associates & the U.S. Virgin Islands

Check it out!

McGeown Associates & the Large Scale Renewable Energy Guide

We are proud to announce the Energy Department's Federal Energy Management Program has released a resource that provides best practices and other helpful guidance for federal agencies developing large-scale renewable energy projects.

David McGeown is one of the team of authors that created the Large-Scale Renewable Energy Guide: Developing Renewable Energy Projects Larger than 10 MWs at Federal Facilities. It provides a comprehensive framework including active project management strategies, common terms, and principles that reduce project uncertainties and promote partnerships between the federal government, private developers, and financiers.

Anyone interested in renewable energy should become familiar with the Guide.  The principles apply  for just about any government around the world.

McGeown Associates is speaking about the guide and its application at a number of venues in the coming months.  Feedback on the Guide is welcomed.  This is an important tool that will change as experience is gained.  We are also available to help explain and tune the guide. 

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